Large Missal stand. includes brass feet


           Beautiful Ornate Crucifix


            The crucifix comes with the cost of the altar and can be in either gold or silver.

               It is inlaid into a finished piece of wood that has been shaped to fit over the edge

               of the lid. A"biscuit" firmly connects the crucifix to the lid, yet allows for easy

               removal when the altar is folded up. I have had a number of priests ask me to

               use one of their own crucifixes and some have asked specifically for a St.

               Benedict crucifix, that I can provide for $70. It is 8" tall.


Altar Linens = see price page

          100% Belgian Linens


          The linen is a very fine brand that comes from Belgium - the company is Libeco.  The set of

              linens includes a medium weight top linen that hangs several inches over the edge and has a

              lace trim.

              Two bottom linens are of the a lighter weight and are the same size - the size of the mensa.

               I was told by a priest that the top linen represents the shroud that Our Lord's body was

               wrapped in, while the two underlinens represent the cloth that wrapped His feet and His

               head.  The three linens also serve a great purpose - they protect the mensa from coming

               into contact with any fluids that might be inadvertently spilled.  

               I also am starting to include two custom sized corporals (13" x 13") as an average sized

               corporal is too large for this smaller mensa. 

               I could provide a "Cere Cloth" or chrismale cloth to cover the middle portion of the 

               mensa for an extra $50.00.  It is rather labor intensive to make these as the linen has

               to be soaked in bees wax and ironed out to a very fine layer.  This cloth is not one that

               should be included in the blessings of the linen. It serves to act as a wax barrier and 

               prevents any condensation from the altar stone from moving up into the linens, or

               any spilled drops from soaking into the wood.




Protective case


VESPERAL CLOTH - see price page

SPORCH Altar Cards -


German-Made Latin Altar Cards