unconsecrated Altar Stones -

          Our Altar Stones


          Part of our mission statement here at St. Joseph's Apprentice is to put as many altar stones back into the service of Our

          Lord as we can. This remains our goal and we have been very successful. Of the 300 + altars I have built thus far,

          probably 95% have altar stones. Many of these stones are from the basements of churches or backrooms in rectories.

           Most altar stones were removed from the altars when the many changes came about with the Sacrifice of the Mass in

          the 1960's. The altars, instead of representing a place of sacrifice, became more like a banquet table. Because it was so hard

          to find suitable altar stones, with much discussion and encouragement of several priests, I started making simple altar

          stones with empty sepulchers. These altar stones are not consecrated, so a priest will either have to get permission

          from his Diocesan Offices (Bishop) to consecrate his own stone, or he will have to ask his Bishop to consecrate it

          himself.  I am also willing to sell my altar stones to those priests who only want a stone, not a complete altar.