Middle-weight Hemlock Altar: 850.00$



                       These  pictures of the Hemlock alters illustrate the the new middle sized. With this model the Mensa opens to provide 1,400 cubic

                       inches of storage space and weighs in at just 18 lbs. The leaves are supported underneath

                       with brass levers that push out from the Mensa.  Closed up it is 18x14x8 inches, opened the mensa is 36x12.





Middle weight Spanish Cedar Model $ 850.00


          Mid Weight Spanish Cedar Altar


              Approximately 15 pounds!

              Utilizing my lightweight design with Spanish Cedar I was able to create this super lightweight model.  

             Nearly the same size as the original it measures in at 18"x13"x8" closed, and a 36" x 12" mensa when fully



St. Benedict Crucifix

Southern Red Gum $1,375.00

Mesquite mid size 1,200$

This is a beautiful desert hardwood.

Cherry wood 1,750$

This beautiful altar is the same size as all our other mid sized altars

Mid-weight: made from the wood of a church pew!

Mid-Sized Hemlock Altar in use