Agnus Dei (full sized) See Price List Page

Our Lady of Guadalupe painted by Susan Scheer-Jasper full sized (See Price List Page)

Carmelite Altar (See Price List Page)

Mesquite Altar


           The Rosewood Altar


            This full sized altar is made from a very dense and strong wood, which is often used to build musical instruments.

             It's color ranges from a deep dark brown often with a reddish hue to a light brown with some occasional cream 

             running through the grain. A finished altar will weigh about 45 lbs., which makes it more of a "home altar 

             than a portable altar.  Because it is so dense, it is very rough on my saw blades. It is like working with

             stone rather than wood. I like to first inspect the wood grain in all the boards to determine which are most

             suitable for a beautiful mensa and lid. The sawdust has a flowery aroma. I recommend one use a luggage

             trolley to transport this altar due to its weight.  

            The altar stone does not automatically come with the altar - you must provide your own, or you may check

             out the altar stones I offer. 



African Mahogany (currently unavailable)


Full Sized African Mahogany


I came upon some African mahogany wood while browsing in a specialty wood

store. Stacked in a pile on the floor, rough-sawn and in varying lengths and

thicknesses, I picked through and brought some home. After milling and finishing

a piece, seeing what I had - I ran back and bought enough to build an altar or two

before i was gone. It was a lot more work but sure was worth it as it really turned

out to be quite spectacular.