Dear Mr. Murphey,

This message is a couple days overdue as I received the altar on Monday.  When I opened the package, I could not believe how truly beautiful it is.  The attention to detail and the craftsmanship are outstanding - it surpasses my every expectation!  Words and photos do not do it justice.  So instead, I would like simply to thank you for your beautiful work and much-needed ministry.  I promise that you, your family and your intentions will be remembered in a particular way each time I offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass on this most worthy altar!  

Fr. Peter

Dear Rick,
Our Lord's peace.  Thank you very much for the new altar.  I am very happy with it.  This a great gift to my ministry and my priesthood.  
I used the altar for the first time on Tuesday for my local nursing home Mass in the ordinary form.  One of the ladies in a wheelchair made a point of saying to me afterwards that she noticed something very different about the Mass today - there was a beautiful spirit.  I think it was the consecrated altar and altar stone, rather than on simply a table. 
On this first Mass on your altar I prayed for you at the elevation of the Sacred Host.  
Thank you again. 


" Rick, The altar is beautiful and our priest, Fr. Vincent was very touched to receive such a wonderful gift.

   May God bless you and we thank you for everything."


"There is something unique about the craftsmanship of these altars. They are not mass produced, or put together

on an assembly line in a foreign country. My beautiful altar was made by loving and devoted hands that are dedicated

to the mission of the Roman Catholic Church here in the U.S. and beyond. Every small detail shows that the intent of these

altars is the sanctification of Her liturgies by the hands of Her unworthy priests, no matter where they are:  on the road

or at the Parish. When I leave next summer as an active duty Navy Chaplain, I look forward to using this altar often to

bring the Body and Blood of Christ to the world, and her soldiers, marines, and sailors on whatever desert, ocean or

jungle He sends me to."  

Rick is thorough and precise, and thinks of everything.  I am eternally grateful.- Fr. Jason Burchell, Diocese of Arlington VA



From Singapore:

Dear Rick, I write to confirm receipt of the hemlock altar in the best condition and on time. We just opened the package hours ago 

in the presence of the priest. We were all awestruck by its beauty and magnificence, to say the least. The priest said he never saw

an altar this beautiful. The precision and exceptional craftsmanship that was invested into it is plain and manifest.

Indeed it is a most perfect gift! Thank you much!

I pray that this altar will sanctify many parts of Asia:  inspire, uplift, attract and convert many souls to the Roman Catholic

faith... Extremely grateful and satisfied, D.B.


Dear Rick, My altar arrived yesterday and I was only able to open it last night. You packed it so perfectly and it arrived perfectly. 

Oh Rick, it is absolutely magnificent!!! It is so beautiful and it is truly such a work of art. I love everything about it:  the color of the

stain, the amazing varnish job (it is like glass), the drawer linings, the linens, the raised front corners, the IHS, the crucifix,

the front hook latches, the way my altar stone looks and fits in, and the splendid name plate and script which was such a great surprise.

You are truly such an amazing artisan and craftsman and I so admire your design, it's execution and your attention to fine detail.

This is truly a treasure and one I will cherish for the rest of my life. I can't thank you enough for this most important and holy piece.

Thank you so much for filling such a need that I see will be so vital in and for the future.  Fr. JM